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Ballot Processing Roles

Signature Verification Judge – compares signatures on ballot envelopes to voter’s signature images, accepting or rejecting voter signatures, recording rejected signatures and noting it on ballot log sheet which later goes to opening

Opening Judge – opens envelopes and verifies ballot logs, removes ballots from secrecy sleeves, shuffles ballots to maintain voter anonymity

Duplication Board – marks duplicate copies of ballots that cannot be read by counting scanners for some reason, such as the ballot was transmitted electronically, or the ballot is damaged or marked in a color unreadable by the scanner

Observation Judge – observes duplication board ensuring no mistakes are made

Ballot Counting Judge – scan voted ballots in stacks of 25, keeping proper accounting of the number of ballots scanned by completing tally sheets

Adjudication Board – reviews electronic images of ballots rejected by the scanner, adjudicating ballots according to the Secretary of State’s Voter Intent Guide and completes all audit and seal logs

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