Campaign Finance Filings

Due to Pitkin County's unique Home Rule Charter, county candidates and committees file with the Clerk and Recorder. Information on other positions such as school board director, hospital director etc. may be found at the TRACER website hosted by the Colorado Secretary of State.

Candidate and Issue Committee Filings


Candidate and Issue Committee Filings


Gifts and Honoraria Filings for Elected Officials


  • County Clerk and Recorder:​

    • Janice K. Vos Caudill filing 01/10/2018 here.

    • Janice K. Vos Caudill filing 05/02/2018 here.

    • Janice K. Vos Caudill filing 10/10/2018 here.

  • County Commissioner District 1:

    • Patti Kay-Clapper filing 01/11/2018 here.​

    • Patti Kay-Clapper filing 05/02/2018 here.

    • Patti Kay-Clapper filing 07/16/2018 here.

    • Patti Kay-Clapper filing 01/15/2019 here.

    • Patti Kay-Clapper filing 04/08/2019 here.

    • Patti Kay-Clapper filing 07/15/2019 here.

    • Patti Kay-Clapper filing 01/07/2020 here.

    • Patti Kay-Clapper filing 04/01/2020 here.

    • Patti Kay-Clapper filing 07/23/2020 here.

    • Patti Kay-Clapper filing 10/6/2020 here.

    • Patti Kay-Clapper filing 1/4/2021 here.

  • County Commissioner District 2:

    • Kelly McNicholas Kury filing 04/16/19 here.​

    • Kelly McNicholas Kury filing 07/24/19 here.​

    • Kelly McNicholas Kury filing 10/15/19 here.​

  • Sheriff:​

    • Joe DiSalvo filing ​06/05/2018 here.

  • Assessor:

    • Deb Bamesberger filing 01/15/2019 here.​

Campaign Finance Filing 

Please see below for due dates for reports on campaign finances contributions and expenditures.

Reports must be filed by:

  • County Candidates and Candidate Committees

  • Pitkin County Issue Committees

  • Political Committees

  • Individuals making independent expenditures greater than or equal to $250.00

Elected Official Filing

If you receive any qualifying items during the year, you must also file a Gifts, Honoraria and other Benefits Disclosure Report, due following the quarterly reporting calendar. You can find the required form here.

* Date is affected by holiday or weekend.

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